Advanced: Avoid the spam folder and hit the inbox!

In this podcast, I dive deep into what’s called “Deliverability” in the email marketing world.
It’s the art of hitting the inbox, and it truly is an ART!

Why you ask? Because companies like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and Microsoft (and MANY others) are developing algorithms to keep spam out of your inbox. For users this is GREAT news. However it’s also bad news as some messages either hit the promo tab or the spam box, they’re not likely to be seen by users.

Here’s a rough menu of what I cover today:

Your system side

– List hygiene
• Responding instantly to unsubs
• Optin confirmation strategy
• Removing or suppressing the unengaged
• Removing hard bounces immediately
• Removing soft bounces after the 3rd bounce • Master suppression list
– Engagement monitoring
– DKIM and SPF
– Properly formatted HTML
– Careful wording selection (spam assassin)
– Equal image to text ratio
– Monitoring abuse@ and postmaster@ addresses
– Volume and consistency
– Obey the law (can spam act)

Off your system factors
– Blacklists
– Accreditation programs
– ISP feedback loops
– ISP whitelisting

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