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Interview: Email Expert Vanessa Cabrera

Alright everyone, today we have a special guest on our show. Vanessa Cabrera is an email marketing expert, kickboxer, beer buff and single mom-preneur who helps people with converting prospects into dollars… Vanessa we’re glad to have you!

Questions I asked Vanessa:

  • So tell us, how did you get into the email marketing business.. What did you do before?
  • Now you do workshops… private coaching etc? Tell us about what the Email Empire is.
  • I know you’re a total pro around email + social, how do you typically combine those?
  • What types of niche/industriess have you worked in or with. Do you have an ideal target customer for your email help?
  • Tell us some examples or case studies of some cool results you’ve gotten or seen while helping with email, just to give listeners an idea of what’s possible.
  • So, you’re a Master Certified Expert in email, who did you take that with and what does it mean?
  • Tell me about technology, what platform do you typically work with?
  • Say someone’s listening and they’ve got nothing… Just getting started. Where would you recommend they start?
  • Tell us about your VIP service, do you still do that
  • Say someone’s listening to this and they’re thinking whoa! She’s a rockstar, how do I work with her, where would you recommend they go?

Contact info:

Episode #3 – Proven fast ways to grow your email list

As a guy who’s helped people grow email lists to over 400,000… I can truly speak to the shift I’ve seen in the last 8 years of what works and what doesn’t. Whether you’re a newbie or an expert, there’s something here in this podcast that will shake your current knowledge and methods of lead generation and list building.

Episode outline:

First, for newbies let’s briefly set this up.
What’s a newsletter
What’s an opt-in box
How do they work?

– What’s not working very well anymore (that used to)
– timer based popups (shows after 8 seconds)
– footer opt-in boxes (bottom of website)
– Sidebar opt-ins with free ebooks
– One page landing pages with no content
– Exit pop opt-in boxes that show up when you try and leave (bait n’ switch?)

What’s HOT right now…

Content unlocks
Content upgrades
Advertorial pages (editorial style story lines)
Webinars & software

Episode #1 – What teachers hate doing that marketers love

Need more people ordering your product, visiting your webinars or opening your emails? Perhaps what you’re missing is this one key ingredient. Teachers just love to give you a complete lesson, but.. In this thought provoking teaching, Daniel Deyette explains why you might want to leave people unsatisfied on purpose! Fact is consumers will love you for it… Want to know why? Tune in!

Daniel J Deyette