How to destroy relationships (with affiliate emails)

Last episode we gave big tips on how to find a starving market, missed it, go check it out…

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TITLE: How to destroy relationships (with affiliate emails)

What they are
Emails that promote someone else’s products or services for a commish…

Why do them
Temporary cash

Why they destroy relationships

How to do it the right way…

Write it yourself
Use the PAS (Problem, Agitate Solve) and recommendation approach
Be honest, it’s an affiliate program
Segment your list, people who click the 1st email…


Next episode teaser:

The ultimate story format…
We’re talking everything from hollywood blockbuster billion dollar films to ageless timeless stories copied by hand and placed in every library on the planet for centuries… what makes a compelling story?

What makes someone pay attention until the final climax… and, how do you use that in your marketing? Tune in to find out!

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