Interview: Adrian Savage on Infusionsoft Deliverability


We’ve got Adrian Savage with us from!  Adrian’s an Infusionsoft certified consultant with 35 years in the IT industry, a Dad and fellow entrepreneur…

Questions I asked Adrian:

  • Tell us a bit more about your background and how you got into email systems?
  • What made you decide to become a certified consultant?
  • So was it then that you noticed deliverability issues, or did you hear that in the forums?
  • Tell us about
    Let’s walk through how hard this tool is to use.
  • How would sending email be any different?
  • Is there a warm up phase with these accounts like SendGrid, Sparkpost etc.
  • Do you find Infusionsoft’s speed of sending improves at all or is it about the same?
  • Is there a list size where this really isn’t an option?
  • I have a client for example with 100k list in infusionsoft, is that a good idea?
  • Do you have any favorites of all the systems you support? I know they’re all great…
  • Is there any point in which you’d think someone might want to migrate OFF infusionsoft and into something else (with their own SMTP provider?)
  • Who shouldn’t use WeDeliver?
  • How long does it take to get everything set up?
  • Can you still do everything that you normally can with Infusionsoft like track opens, clicks and so on?
  • Anything else you think people should know about managing their reputation and list maintenance when using a solution like this?
  • Can you share some websites or contact info should someone want to work with you?

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