Interview: Kevin Polley of ARP Reach Email Software

On today’s show we have Kevin Polley – Founder of the marketing firm Mutual Advantage in the UK and owner of the software ARP Reach. Also the CEO and founder of WordPress webhost called

Now, ARP Reach is a piece of software you can install on your own web host for sending email, setting up autoresponders etc.

It can be installed on a smaller web host or in the Amazon cloud, or on a custom server and allows you to manage your OWN reputation and your OWN marketing without the heavy hand of ESP’s like Aweber, Infusionsoft etc.

Kevin – Before we dig into the meat of today’s chat, tell us a bit about yourself and how you found yourself the owner of this amazing technology?

Tell us a little bit about what you like about ARP and what you feel it’s advantages are?

Questions I asked Kevin:

– How long have you been managing email systems?
– A while back you told me about this gentleman that’s score dropped really low… (no names needed) how low did it actually get?
– What types of things did you do and how long did it take to fix?
– What are some best practices people can take away?
– How do you feel about the 4 most common reasons we install ARP for?
– What’s the future of ARP look like, and can we give anyone a sneak peek?


Curious about ARP Reach?  You can just go to or contact, to learn more!

Thanks Kevin, You’ve been awesome!


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