The ultimate story formula, and how to use it!

Last episode: we talked about affiliate marketing, and how to not annoy your subscribers…

Special guest… Trainer, fitness coach and nutritionist, Neerjie… She’s also a distributor of some top notch meal replacements and she has an earth shattering story we’ll get to near the end of the show, so stick around!

Current episode: Ultimate Story
From camp fires to office cubicles, stories (the juicier, more authentic, ugly and raw and truer the better) transfer better than anything….
They’re a part of the human experience and we visualize them and remember them…

Neerjie; Anything to add to your thoughts on the power of stories?

Method of the ultimate story…

Put a man in the jungle, introduce conflict get him out

Bullet proof formula from Broadway to Hollywood:

Core elements of a KILLER story:

How does this relate to email or marketing.
I know, it’s obvious, but this part might spike some wild great ideas for you!

What if you made a FAKE made up story about your product in the hands of your customer?

Sound like something a trustworthy company would do? Maybe not, but that’s exactly what the Wall Street Journal did with the letter that was mailed millions of times from the 1970’s to the early 2000s. “Two young men, they were very much alike, one subscribed To The Wall Street Journal….”

Next episode teaser: SPAM BOX AGAIN! Low open rates? 🙁

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